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5 Proven Benefits of Email Automation Tools for Your Business

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Email marketing is still one of the most successful ways to promote the business today for Small, medium-sized organisations, and big ones. While newsletters and one-off campaigns will always have their place in your email marketing strategy, the cleverest businesses are starting to set up automatic email campaigns that trigger the actions of a user. Automatic emailing’s popularity has emerged as a leading solution in turning prospective clients into potential clients. These email automation tools can be customised according to one’s need, The emails can be scheduled beforehand and because of that, it proves to be timely, and relevant to the incoming visitor.

With the help of Email automation solutions problems such as spam e-mails, bulk emails, irrelevant emails can be averted, giving space for a rise in ROI. The use of Email marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, used to deploy targeted emails against the action taken by the customer. It is important to send the relevant message at the right time so that it is been more viewed and clicked by the prospective customer turning them to boost purchases and improve sales.

What is an email automation tool?
In comparison to newsletters and one-off promotions or mass emailing you make and submit in one go to a whole list of people, an automated email campaign is set up once and then automatically sent to a particular individual when that person meets a certain trigger. Marketers can automate the delivery of emails on the basis of a number of terms such as time and day (for example at 11 a.m. on Monday), contact actions in their database (for example, when a contact views a particular Web page) rules defined in workflows (e.g drip and lead-nurturing campaigns) It will automatically send those emails. Automatic e-mails eliminate the manual process by which e-mails are sent to persons at a given time.

Why is Email Automation Tools so important?
Because these automatic emails are timely, personalization, and more relevant to the reader. They are more often opened and clicked more frequently to boost more customer visits and sales.

Where will the application of email marketing be used?

  • Email Sign-Up-Whenever a user signs up for a service or newsletter, a warm and personalized welcome message should be sent out with a brief description of the future type of content.
  • Series – The most popular e-mail series in tutorials or training courses can be divided into a correct series, which can be shared with users over the course of time.
  • Annual emails – companies maintain constant contact with their customers in the form of any events. It becomes more engaging when companies offer discounts and coupons for products or services on any specific events, anniversaries, or any special days.
  • Website Movements – An automation setting that sends a customer with tailored messages when a customer clicks on specific pages or website links.
  • Follow-up – An automation follow-up email to purchase any service or product. This also can be used for developing a recommendation for various services or products.
  • Customer Feedback Survey – This helps customers to share their experience with the brand and keeps them engaged with the businesses. This makes the customers feel more valued and create a mini loyalty program using an email automation tool.

Benefits of Email Automation Software for the Business

1) Enhance Transactions by Getting Personal
When digital marketers use email automation tools, custom fields such as the user’s first name and the organization’s name are provided. It should be as received in the e-mail list by customers. Personalized content email to the subscribers creates a great impact on showcasing the brand and services. Marketing emails having tailored subject lines get a higher open rate.

Using the email automation tool, you can segregate the customer database into a variety of groups and customize different messages to these groups, depending on their demographics, interests, and buying habits. This ensures that the targeted email recipient receives the relevant content of their interest. Besides, segregating the email list with email automation tools can be demonstrated in highly engaging content for customized message fields.

2) Revenue with Transactional Emails
Transactional emails are usually automated email messages between the sender of the company and the targeted client. Such email automation resources downloading an eBook, receipts for transactions, account notifications, newsletter subscription, etc. Digital marketers now frequently use transactional emails at a very high rate as compared to marketing emails, whereby innovative messages motivate customers to take the next step towards buying. A transactional email consists primarily of basic information about the estimated date of shipment, which was intended for the recipient or prospective client. This marketing automation approach has a great success rate then any other sales emails.

3) Sync Up with the Customer Purchase Cycle
Scheduling emails, among other advantages of email automation tools, help it reach the target customers at the appropriate time. Messages for promoting products or services can be sent to a customer through this automated application, who has already purchased the same item or is planning to purchase it shortly. And the marketers don’t have to worry to sell or re-sell the same product to the same customer again as it syncs with the customer’s purchase cycle.

4) Keep Leads Engaged with Drip Campaigns
The email automation tools of Drip features a series of automated emails that are targeted daily to potential leads for a defined time period. These e-mails are used to solve customer problems, to answer FAQs, to showcase products or services, and to make leads happy until they agree to buy the product or service. Drip campaigns, therefore, have a 300 percent higher click-through rate and include an 80 percent higher open rate, than any other marketing campaign.

5) Budget-Friendly and Time Saving
Email automation allows companies to streamline the same tasks and reduce the costs involved in hiring the particular individual for the position. In short, when organizations require lesser employees to perform the repetitive work, they save enormous amounts of money out of their marketing budgets and invest that money in better strategies, tools or training programs.

Following are the Top 5 Email Marketing Tools
– SendinBlue
– ConstantContact
– Getresponse
– Hubspot
– Aweber

Email marketing remains one of the most impactful of the possibilities available for you to expand your business and the creation of automated email messages can help you to achieve results without having to work on them again and again. So without wasting time do plan and take the advantaged results of automated email marketing solutions with different strategies to obtain the desired ROI.

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