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Apple new iphone may come up with new design & notch-less display

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The iPhones are expected to bring a number of new technology firsts with them. One of which now seems to be the presence on the upcoming iPhones of notch-less displays. Like every years, Apple’s 2020 series of iPhones also has a lot of hopes for something new from them.

New patents have emerged that show an iPhone, but it’s been a feature on most of the iPhones we’ve seen in the past few years without the notch. GoDigital first discovered the patents, revealing a device that looks like an iPhone but is lacking on the notch.

The patent shows a device with a rectangular display and square corners. Interestingly, because of the lack of a notch on the device, the device appears to be missing the required hardware for Apple’s Face ID tech.

There is also no front-facing camera that leads us to believe that there might be a selfie pop-up lens hidden within the device’s frame. The patents on the outside display the frame to house a power button, volume keys, and an iPhone-like physical notification switch. There also seems to be a SIM tray below the power key.

According to the report, the redesigned Apple phone would carry in-display front-facing cameras and an in-display fingerprint scanner to offset the loss of the notch. It would be interesting to note that several Android handsets have under-screen fingerprint readers (optical and ultrasonic methods) and that companies including Oppo and Xiaomi have also taken the opportunity to demonstrate in-display cameras too.

The latter, though, is a technology that is still at a nascent stage and, as such, it would be surprised if Apple chose to use it in 2020 for its next iPhone. Having said that, Apple may have filed this patent to start working on a new phone that could be launched in the next 2-3 years. While for now, everything is still in the realm of speculation, it should be known more about this in the future.

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