Tuesday , December 1 2020

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PUBG, 118 other Mobile Apps Banned by Indian Government: Check the Complete List here

The Ministry of Information and Technology on September 2, 2020, banned PUBG and 118 other well known Chinese mobile applications. PUBG is an online multiplayer shooting game loved by many in India. A huge number of PUBG addicts are heartbroken, shattered but their parents are ecstatic over the move. According …

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Google drops 5,000 ad-fraud Android applications from Play Store.

Google Play Store

Google has been gradually improvising on the security front to block fraudulent Android applications from entering the Play Store. It has formed an alliance with top security firms to identify those bad apps. The White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team have found up to 5,000 spoofed apps of …

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Top Facebook Ads Manager new releases & updates you can’t miss (July 2020 Edition)


Staying up-to-date with Facebook Ads Manager about the latest few new releases. Let’s dive into each and take a closer look. More Call-to-Action Buttons Available With Placement Customization. You can now customize your placements when using the Call Now, Get Directions and Get Offer buttons on your ad. Use the …

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