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How Can I Download YouTube Shorts Videos?

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Do you know how to download YouTube Shorts from the Internet as well? Tired of looking for it, you still haven’t found a good way to download Short Video in one click, so as you know, we keep coming up with similar great tricks for you guys on this blog. You will never need to search for YouTube Shorts Download again after reading this post. Lets quickly start on it.

Install the The Shorts Video Downloader App which allows you to download any shorts video from YouTube with a single click. If you also make videos on YouTube, you will now have access to YouTube Shorts. You can start making short videos because youtube is paying a lot of attention to its Short Video these days, and many videos uploaded on YouTube are getting millions of views, so even if your YouTube channel does not get views, you can create a new one. You can start a YouTube Shorts Channel and upload videos there.

What is YouTube Shorts?
As you are probably aware, short video content is popular at the moment. With this in mind, YouTube has launched its own short video platform called YouTube Shorts, where you can upload and make videos of up to 60 seconds. These days, many YouTube Shorts Channels have been created, and there are some such channels which have millions of subscribers, such as A2 Motivation Arvind Arora.The YouTube channel has over 12 lakh subscribers and 84 million views on their most popular videos.

Instagram Reels, Moj App, Mx Takatak all of these apps are alternatives to YouTube Shorts; however, YouTube Shorts is considered best because you can earn money from it; YouTube Is Monetizing Shorts With 45% Revenue Split. However, you must be familiar with monetise your YouTube shorts videos.

How Do I Download YouTube Videos?
Visit ( for the quickest and easiest way to download YouTube videos and music. Simply copy and paste the YouTube URL to download the videos.

If you know how to download youtube videos, this is a very good thing because the same method we use to download youtube short videos because there is not much difference between Youtube videos and Youtube shots, so it is easily downloaded using the same method.

YouTube Shorts Downloader App
I use this method to download YouTube Videos or download youtube shorts videos, I find it easiest, if you guys also want to use this method, then for this you first have a Video Downloader App in your mobile. After this, you can easily download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, any social media application.

To complete this task, I downloaded the SnapTube Application. This application is very useful; you can download many things from it, so let’s see how we can use it to download YouTube short videos. can be downloaded

I mentioned this method for those who want to download YouTube Shorts Video from their Android Mobile, but if you want to learn about computers, it is also mentioned below.

Following the steps outlined below will allow you to download YouTube Shorts Video in under a minute.

Step 1: To begin, download and install the Snaptube application.

Step 2: Next, start the YouTube short video that you want to download; when it begins, there will be a Share Icon at the bottom; after clicking on it, you will see the SnapTube App logo. Click on it.

Step 3: – Now Video Formats will appear in front of you; click on the quality in which you want to download the video, and the video will begin downloading.

So you’ve seen how we learned how to download YouTube short videos in just three steps, but there’s another way you can download short videos.

Let us also look at another method for downloading YouTube videos using the Snaptube app.

So, first and foremost, we must copy the link of a YouTube short video; to do so, turn on the video and click on the share icon; then, after clicking on Copy to Clipboard, the link of this video will be copied.
Now open the Snaptube app and paste the link to the video in the search box at the top; the page will begin to load.

When that YouTube page loads, you’ll see a download button, which you should click.
Then select the quality in which you want to download the video, and your video will begin downloading.

So that was the second method for downloading YouTube short videos; you can use both of these methods on the Snaptube application, or you can use other similar applications in addition to these.

How Do You Download YouTube Shorts Videos From Your Computer?
As can be seen, very few applications are made for computers to do small tasks in accordance with the smartphone, so you must use most of the websites to do all of your important work here, as well as YouTube short videos. You can use this website to download if you need to use a computer or laptop.

We will use the website to complete this task because the other websites either have too many ads or do not work properly, so I always use Savefrom. I only use the internet; if you want to save time, download the Chrome Extension, which allows you to download YouTube Shorts in just one click.

Let us now look at how to download short videos from a computer:

Step 1: To begin, copy the link to your YouTube video or YouTube short video.

Step 2: Now, open the YouTube Video Downloader website, i.e., in your Google Chrome browser. When you arrive at this page, you will see a search box; paste this link into that box.

Step 3: As soon as you paste the link, you will see the same video appear below. If you want to download the video in high quality, you can do so by clicking on the download button.

Step 4: If you want to download the video in a different quality, change the quality on the side of the download button, then click on the download button, and the video will begin downloading.

So you saw how simple it is to download YouTube short videos to your computer; if you want to download videos in a single click, you must install the Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser.

After that, whenever you launch YouTube on your computer, you will see a download button on the same YouTube video; click on it, and your photo will begin downloading; the simplest method is to download YouTube videos using this method. can be downloaded

Friends, I hope you enjoyed this post in which we explained how to download YouTube Shorts.

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