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How to connect your Whatsapp Number with your Facebook Page

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Facebook’s always had a click to messenger since November 2016, which was been, very popular. When customers see an advertiser or a company’s ad on Facebook and they click on the messenger button, it helps them to interact and communicate via instant messaging with the page of that specific company. This allows users to contact them via a new messaging app.

Facebook has for a few years, been able to allow Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons to be connected via the advertising platform. Customers can connect the WhatsApp functionality to their Facebook page.

Facebook’s monetization of Whatsapp has taken another step. Now advertisers can include a button that is actually connected to an organic post that has been boosted. Facebook wants to increase this more. Facebook knows that people already use Whatsapp to communicate with small businesses and it’s a very fast, convenient way to stay in touch. So by adding Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons in their Facebook ads, they should see an increase in engagement.

So lets learn how to add your WhatsApp number to your Facebook Page.


When you connect your WhatsApp Business number, you can add a button to your Facebook page to help people communicate with you easily using WhatsApp. This can be a great strategy for lead generation and quickly connecting with your audience.  You can put advertisements on Facebook, which include the call-to-action button for WhatsApp message.

How to connect your WhatsApp number to Facebook Page

Step 1: Go to Facebook page settings and look for WhatsApp tab
Visit your Facebook page, log in as an admin and go to ‘Settings’. On the left sidebar, you will see a ‘WhatsApp’ tab. Click on it.

If you don’t see it, set a reminder and check after a few days. Facebook is rolling it out globally.

Step 2: Enter your WhatsApp number and click ‘Send Code’
Enter your WhatsApp number (or your WhatsApp Business number) and click on Send Code.

Facebook will send you a code for verification.

Step 3: Verify code
Verify the code by entering it in the popup.

Step 4: Add Button to your Page
You can add the WhatsApp button to your Page. It will appear right below your cover image.

That’s it. You’ve successfully connected your WhatsApp number to your Facebook page.
So now next time you do an ad campaign for Facebook include the call-to-action button for WhatsApp message and increase your engagements.





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