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How to make money online

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There are a lot of articles about how you can make money from home. You will understand your dream to have a job that provides you with benefits and regular income while you never leave home. As the world is increasingly dependent on the internet, making money from home— or anywhere in the world is simpler than ever. Following are 5 Full-time jobs You can do online or from home to make money

1. Computer Programmer
If you’re a good computer programmer, having freelance assignments from different companies will easily earn good money. The payoff for full-time computer programmers is lucrative and as far as the job itself is concerned, there is a good chance that you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect securely to the network of your client, as well as some measure of organizational skills and tools to ensure that you are on top of current projects.

2. Video Editing/ Youtuber
If you can create great videos, edit videos or do good video ads that make people want to watch and drive ad revenue and traffic back to a website, you can become a valuable asset for the business. Since video ads are more expensive to buy than banner ads since they lead to higher click-through rates, a company may theoretically make much more money through videos. So if you do a good job of creating and editing videos, it will give you a good amount of money from various projects. You can also be a YouTuber, create your own YouTube channel and earn good money from it on any particular topic. The main advantage of being Youtuber is a money earning using Google Adsense for uploading videos. To encourage viewers to watch your videos, you need to be different from others. Being a YouTuber is always fine,  but it depends on what you think.

3. Writer
Companies need good writers to create content as they build and update new content for their website, sales, and marketing copies. writers capable of providing clean, clear instructions for a digital manual (which comes under “technical writing”) are also much in demand. Full-time writing positions are definitely available in advertisement, marketing, branded content (B2B and B2C) and sales, as companies are constantly changing and improving their branding and messaging on their websites and other media.

4. Social media influencers
Social media isn’t just a fun thing you’re doing with friends. It is a crowded marketing environment in which thousands of brands compete for the same audience, many times. As a social media influencer you have established credibility in a specific industry, and has access to a huge audience and you as a influencer can persuade others to act based on your recommendations for any company. An influencer who can be anyone from a blogger to a celebrity to an online entrepreneur. To gain mainstream legitimacy, they essentially have to capitalize on a niche. How to share videos and feedback, especially when posting or sharing reviews for your followers, can be insightful as well as entertaining posts. You portray every organization as a strong marketing tool and that will fetch you a great money.

5. Data Entry Jobs
Different types of data entry jobs are available in India and around the world. You can find some good businesses for which you can pay money to work as data entry operator. Through data entry jobs, people can generally earn Rs 15000 to Rs 25000 a month. For this, you have to have strong typing abilities.

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