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How can you lower your CPC for advertising campaigns?

How can you lower your CPC

First of all, let’s understand the CPC. CPC often referred to as cost-per-click, is how much you’ll pay for each click in a PPC or pay-per-click advertising campaign. You will be able to keep your marketing budget on track when you monitor your CPC. Because it allows you to decide …

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What is PPC and How to achieve desire results?

PPC is all about ad copy, keyword bids, and conversion tracking, the answer to this is no. Although it may sound shocking, PPC performance can also be affected by the website design. Website designing is not just about the site’s aesthetic appeal but also about the business overall performance. If …

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A Beginners Guide to App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO in short) is all about making the app rank high in the search results by increasing visibility in the app stores. This way more people will be able to find and download your app and use it. ASO is also known as App Store SEO, Play …

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