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Top 10 future mobility tech trends

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If you are still wondering ‘what’s the new technology?’take a look at the latest tech trends which are hand-picked by extensive research. A number of technology trends will bolster the future of mobility. Much of the buzz appears to be focused on creating more hybrid and autonomous vehicles in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Smart Cities: Integrating more connected technology across entire cities will play a pivotal role in mobility’s future.
  2. 5G expansion: Whether enhancing connected vehicle capabilities or expanding the digital reach and in-vehicle entertainment offerings will also help drive next-generation transportation while traveling with 5G technology.
  3. Micro-Mobility: Micro-mobility would continue to grow and develop With better technology. Micro-mobility like E-scooters, e-bikes, e-skateboards, etc will grow and enhance with technology.
  4. Swappable Batteries: The development of swappable battery technology will also grow with the advent of electric vehicles.
  5. Urban Air Mobility: Next-generation transport will not be limited to current on-the-ground technology. Mobility in urban air will also play a part.
  6. Solar-powered vehicles: solar-powered electric vehicles will also play a major role in mobility’s future. The technology of self-charging is already being applied to a rising variety of vehicles.
  7. Improved EV Charging Stations: Developing more electric vehicles would inspire a lot of new technologies to improve the charging station network, with faster charging times.
  8. Expanded Ride-Hailing Programmes: Lyft and Uber will not be the only major on-road ride-hailing services. A number of other companies are already trying to set up their niche in space, with plans to make self-driving vehicles their fleet anchor.
  9. More On-Demand Transportation: App-based technology that connects companies such as Uber and Lyft will be making its way into other modes of transport.
  10. 3D-Printed Electric Vehicles: The cost-effectiveness of 3D Printed EVs will help make vehicles more realistic, encouraging a completely new approach to smart mobility.

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