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Top 5 Best Free Image Compression Optimization Tools

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Sometimes on your website, you may have a large number of photos to use, so you need to optimize your images. Would you like to compress your images before they are uploaded online? We will share the top best 5 free image optimization tools for compression of images in this guide. For many website owners, software such as Adobe Photoshop can be expensive and out of the budget. There are, however, a variety of online tools with amazing results that are free to use.

Why should images be optimized? Uploading images of full size may add some time for loading on your web page and upset your users. Optimizing your images will help you accelerate your website considerably. Let’s take a look at the best free image compression tools:


CompressNow is an easy online tool for optimization. You can simply upload your JPEG, PNG and Gif images from your computer, set a percentage of compression for the image and download it for use on your site. This tool shows on the right side the optimization results, so you can move the level slider accordingly.


Kraken is an incredible image compression tool that allows you to bulk upload and optimize photos for the smallest file sizes. The compressed photos can be downloaded one by one or in the zip format to save time. For advanced users, it has a pro version that comes with many other features such as image resizing, multiple image sources, unlimited image sizes, and more.


Optimizilla reproduces good quality images with the lowest possible file size. You can use this tool to compress your JPEG and PNG photos. Up to 20 images can be uploaded and the compression level set separately for each photo. It shows you in the form of a slider the before and after version.

4. Trimage

Trimage is a cross-platform GUI and command-line interface to optimize image files for websites, using optipng,pngcrush, advpng and jpegoptim, depending on the filetype (currently, PNG and JPG files are supported). It was inspired by imageoptim. All image files are losslessy compressed on the highest available compression levels, and EXIF and other metadata is removed. Trimage gives you various input functions to fit your own workflow: A regular file dialog, dragging and dropping and various command line options.

5. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is a simple image optimization tool that allows online photos to be uploaded and compressed. The image compression level bar makes optimizing your photos as needed easier for you. In JPEG Optimizer, you can also resize the images so that the image file size can be reduced and loads on your site faster.

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