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5 Email drip campaign ideas that drive conversions

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What motivation do you have to make changes to your business? It is not worth the time and effort if a new method or strategy does not guarantee progress. But hang on read the full article and it’s going to be worth spending your time. In this article, I’ll clarify how your email drip campaigns can produce a guaranteed ROI.

You must be thinking that email promotions have been outdated? The reply is no. As communication and marketing tools, emails are still proven to be effective.

Its not about wasting your valuable time and resources by sending emails and keep customer happy. You want more sales, and these tips are going to help you get it.

How would you do this? You know you yourself don’t like getting hordes of emails from other companies. So what different things you will do that have the impact of your email to the person who receives them?

The following article will highlight various campaigns that are important at various stages in your business efforts. In each campaign, you’re going to know exactly what to say and include. A little bit of organising will result in increased sales. Email drip campaigns can be automated so you don’t have to use up any time after they’re set up.

Email drip campaigns Series:

1) Campaign #1 – Welcome Series:

  • Introduce new people to your brand and explain why you exist.
  • Use social proof to build trust and credibility
  • Say thank you with an enticing one-time offer.

This series is like a first date. You need to make a good impression.

2) Campaign #2 – Lead Nurturing Series

  • Move people from lead magnets to core offers.
  • Use helpful content and social proof to drive sales.
  • Use Scarcity to encourage immediate action.

At this stage, you want to build more trust and desire for your offer.

3) Campaign #3 – Sales Pitch Series

  • Create a knowledge gap that people will want to fill
  • Make people feel like they are missing out. (FOMO)
  • Get people to think logically about what you’re selling them.

Now that you’ve built a relationship, it’s time to go for the sale.

4) Campaign #4 – Post-Purchase Series

  • Amplify word-of-mouth marketing around the web.
  • Get your customers to create content for you.
  • Gather valuable feedback from your customers.

Use this series to significantly increase 1-to-1 referrals online.

5) Campaign #5 – Win-Back Series

  • Get Cold leads to feel like they are missing out.
  • Use a survey to find out why people are disengaged.
  • Get cold leads to re-opt-in to new lead magnets.

Don’t write cold leads off. Always encourage them to come back.

Few of the recommended tools for Email drip campaign:

1) Active Campaign
2) Drip
3) Hubspot
4) Wishpond

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