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Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

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Marketing itself means to market something to increase its sales, and the same also applies to digital marketing, where the digital medium is used to do the same thing and achieve the objective. As said, the disparity is only due to the use of digital and electronic media to sell any service or product. The desired results can be obtained with the use of Digital Marketing services. Digital marketing includes both tactics and marketing plans to execute strategies using the internet.

On the other hand, Traditional marketing applies to all the strategies or any kind of publicity, advertisement or campaign that business organizations have been using for a very long time. These have also proved beneficial, which is why it is still prevalent in the marketing method still today. Typically this method involves print ads, flyers,  pamphlets, radio, newspapers, billboards, magazines, etc. The advantages of traditional marketing over other methods of marketing are easily accessible to a large audience without the consumer having any prior knowledge of technology. The viewer can hold the promotional flyers or pamphlets in hard copy form. It can be used to read and repeatedly browse about the same without having the trouble of getting it lost because it is not saved or downloaded electronically. It’s easy to understand these strategies. Because this is a very old marketing strategy that helps the
listener to connect very well and makes it easy to understand.

Digital marketing advantages over other types of marketing are that the audience’s diversity can be increased. The marketing can be expanded for an international audience as well. It is possible to target more specific audiences of a particular race, religion or gender. The viewer has the right to choose the way they want to consume the content. It gives the audience a choice over the conventional one. Via social media or any other platform, contact with the worldwide audience is possible here. This enables genuinely personalized marketing, unlike television or print advertising. Digital marketing’s main advantage is that it can reach a targeted audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. Digital Marketing also provides great returns along with better conversion levels generated by effective digital marketing strategies.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  • Extremely low risk
  • Increased interactivity
  • Reduction in costs through automation and use of a digital medium
  • Increased exposure to products and services
  • Faster response to both marketers and the end-user
  • Boundless universal accessibility
  • Increased ability to measure and collect data
  • Opens the possibility to a market of one through personalisation

You need to be effective in digital marketing first, then you can benefit from it, so do these 7 steps:

  • Get involved in paid social advertising.
  • Get the most out of Email marketing.
  • Learn to leverage the data.
  • Become a better content marketer.
  • Dig into social media marketing.
  • Get your hands on more technology.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing: 

You should also be aware of its drawbacks before you start working on the digital marketing area. Otherwise, you might later regret it. The limitations are:

  • Worldwide competition through globalisation.
  • Dependability on technology.
  • Security, privacy issues.
  • Higher transparency of pricing and increased price competition.
  • Maintenance costs due to a constantly evolving environment.

We can use either digital marketing or traditional marketing, or both, regardless of the type of business we run.

The two main factors in choosing what to do are:
-The audience
-The business’s goals.

Are you still uncertain about how your plan should be defined? Get in touch and we’ll help you with your digital marketing plans.

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