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Here’s how to check Instagram DMs on your PC

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Instagram has grown a lot in the past few years and the app keeps getting better with every update and brings more features for its users. One of its features is the Direct Messaging feature, also known as a DM, which enables users to communicate directly from the app with each other. Some of you might remember that Instagram was introduced as a mobile-focused app, but now it’s been improved and there’s a way you can get the same experience on your Windows PC.

Hence we’re going to show you in this guide how to use Instagram DM’s on your Windows PC, let’s get started without waiting any longer.

Method 1 – Download the Instagram App on Windows 10

The official Instagram Windows app allows you to view and reply directly from your PC to your DMs. All you have to do is to download Instagram on your Windows PC. Following are the simple steps:

1) Open Microsoft Store from your start menu or directly search for it from the search bar.

2) Install Instagram on your PC from the Microsoft Store. Once done, launch the App.

3) Login with your Instagram username and password and you are ready to go. You’ll be able to use Instagram Direct Messages directly on your PC.

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