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How to get more views on IGTV? | 10 best ways to get more views on IGTV

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IGTV is one of the biggest updates and launches on Instagram. Yes, we are talking about Instagram’s IGTV video platform, which gives users the opportunity to upload larger videos. The vertical-video format which most people are still afraid to use is really the best option to use.

It’s not surprising that many of you are asking for more views on IGTV, especially if you’re using these features for building your own brand or just a sustainable company. If you’re here because you want more people to watch your content and learn what you’re doing, then you’re at the right place read the entire article completely till the end it will help you to get your desire results.

How can I obtain more views on IGTV?

Following are some of the things that you should consider doing if you want as many views as possible for your IGTV:

1- Determine the type of content you would like to offer
The content that we want to deliver to our audience defines how we draw people and how we gain their attention. It is self-explanatory, but far more important than what you would expect. This is a very important factor because you might have an idea of who you’re interested in attracting, which types of audience, which age group to target, etc. Irrespective of the type of content that you choose to offer, this is an essential element; these are some pieces of advice that we think you should apply.

The delivery
Look, you might running a business on sports products and think it’s just a matter of showing the goods, but it’s much more than that; the way the product is shown and way you work around the content for it is also equally important. To display your products with a good write up is very important. Your video post should be attractive to get the viewer’s attention to it. IGTV is trying to capture the spirit of regular TV. When you open the app, videos will start to play automatically. So your content should be best.

Are you going to use animation or are you going to use some well-known actors? Do you want a running pattern in every video or are you going to make individual videos? all this is important in deciding your content delivery which you need to decide before you start.

It is all about the methods you use to communicate with your audience and reach your targeted results.

How much time do your videos take?
You have to answer this as its a basic but important question to ask oneself. Insta IGTV can, of course, upload longer videos, but how long should they be? Would you waste the time for your audience for a 30-minute video that can be easily reduced to five minutes?
The length of the video is crucial because few people prefer shorter video and few people prefer a much detailed video.

2- Use hashtags
Almost nobody knows that you can use hashtags on IGTV videos, even links. Right under your video description, you will be able to post up to 30 hashtags, just like a regular post.

Does it also feature your videos on the hashtag sections?
To answer this I will say yes, everyone will be able to discover your IGTV videos through the hashtags you are using just as if they were images or videos from Instagram.

3- What the best time to post on IGTV
Generally, Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to post, with any time other than 3 pm to 4 pm being a good time. Posting when people are on their phones and on the go is the best time, with some studies showing that Thursdays and Fridays at 5 pm tend to be great for post engagement. According to a Hubspot study, they found that the period of most consistent engagement is weekdays between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Why is timing so critical for your post?
The more users you have inside the app, the more potential viewer you’ll get. For example, if you post your video on the wrong time it might not get noticed, and then it will make it harder for you to reach to maximum audience. The time difference in another country audience if you are targeting them, such things like that are always going to make a huge difference. You need to keep your posts analyse and decide on the best day and time for your audience.

4- Target your audience
A good way to get more views on IGTV is to have a better understanding of the type of content that you wish to deliver.

How can you determine your targeted audience to get more IGTV views?

Some of the following things can be very significant:

Age, Location, Genders, Language, Interests, Profession, Hobby.

And this is just a few of them; there are a lot more facets that can determine your target audience.

If you have an Instagram business account, you can just go to your account “Insights” and then go to the “Audience” section.

Instagram will display all this based on their own analysis.

Once you know who the target audience is and what they are searching for, it’s easy for you to target them accordingly with the right content.

5- Use Instagram Live and Instagram Stories
It’s not just the publishing of videos, but the option of how to share them right away. Instagram Live and Instagram stories are two great ways for you to get more views on IGTV.

Instagram Live as its name suggests, you can go live and your followers will see you in real-time. You can go live and perhaps give them an insight into what you are doing for a short period of time. When it comes to Instagram Stories, use them to show a short trailer for your video, just like professional movies.

Just a showcase of what you’re offering on your IGTV channel in order to appeal to people in a much more effective way.

Tip: Usually your Instagram stories will get lost in other people’s feed, but if you go Live, and let your Live video up for the next 24 hours, Instagram will have you be first than anyone else in the stories section.

6- Regularly publish your post, but do not lose on quality of the content
If you want to get more views for your IGTV, consistency & quality of content is one of the main aspects, nobody wants to be up-to-date with a channel that provides content one day and then spends a whole week off. You need to post your content at a regular time frame to keep your audience engaged in your channel.

Some of the things you need to remember are:
Study your topics so that you can make better videos. Research the competitors to find out what content you should use, do not copy just get motivated by it. Enable your followers to make proposals; you can choose an idea or two that might be useful for you. If you have an employee you will still have wonderful imaginative meetings; brainstorming will help you find fresh and interesting ideas with which you can expand your content. You have to plan to look for new things and avoid being repetitive. The trick is to remain fresh and to deliver something you can’t refuse to watch and keep updating to impress others, and to impress you.

7- Find new ways to improve your videos
To get more views on IGTV you need to keep improvising in your videos. If you don’t concentrate on improving during weeks, months, and years. Then your channel will not grow and it will be stagnant.

While there are many ways to improvise your content, we will provide you with some of the best suggestions:

  • Invest additional money in the production of your videos.
  • Encircle yourself with a team who knows best how to make the best videos.
  • Try experimenting with your videos & practice with new ideas in your videos which you are not going to publish.
  • See what your competitor is doing; this way you can understand bete3dter and use it for your own gain.
  • Do take note of your followers’ suggestions, thoughts, and responses; this can be a very enjoyable way of seeing what you can and can not improvise on.

8- Promote yourself outside of the app
Just don’t settle for Instagram. The important thing is that you need to do cross-promotion on the social media platform. When you decide that you want to expand your channel beyond Instagram, you will have many opportunities and we will share with you the most important and the most successful one:

To get more views for your IGTV, you should post it on Facebook, Instagram’s parent social media platform. These two platforms are designed to work with each other, making the whole process of promotion much simpler for you. An option is given that your stories will be published on Facebook at the same time while putting them on Instagram. By doing the same amount of work, you can reach more audiences and can get more views.

Twitter does not, of course, work with Instagram or Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot share the content by adding links of your channel to your tweets, you can simply share your IGTV channel link. This helps you to get quick response from your followers.

People don’t typically see Pinterest’s immense potential and you can use it to your benefit. You’ll be able to link your videos, and whenever someone clicks on one of your posts, they’ll be taken directly to your channel or whatever video you’ve shared. If you work around and master it, you might grow your followers on Pinterest too. Then again, from one social media platform to another platform, you can keep sharing your content.

A number of forums are there. Find the ones that are relevant to what you’re doing, and be active on those forums. If you see people talking about something you’ve made a video of, then share it with them.

Note: Don’t just put a link on every forum, try to give value in what you’re offering; share your personal opinion, tips, etc. There was supposed to be a forum for almost any niche out there. If you find yourself struggling to find a decent, non-spam forum, then should work just fine.

Some people prefer to dismiss e-mail marketing as an old technique, but if you implement it correctly, it can still have a great positive impact. If you have a mailing list, you are set, if not, set up your own subscription list and begin to share the contents of your channel using this feature.

9- Collaborate with other creators
When you want to increase your brand awareness & get more views for your channel to consider collaborating with other similar domain creators. There is nothing wrong about asking others if they want to make a video with you. Make sure you both get to benefit from it. Both of you make videos of a similar domain. The best scenario will be that both of you can ask your followers/viewers to check each other’s content. So that both can get the change to increase their followers/viewers from doing cross-promotion.

10. Try to be get featured in IGTV’s “Popular” section
If you are featured in the “popular” section, this will increase your impressions and exposure in the app by 100%. This equals to being featured on the Instagram explorer page of Instagram and almost everybody is going to see your post. If you work with Instagram’s algorithm as required, and you always provide the best content, they will reward you with this type of exposure.

How are you going to show Instagram that your post is good?

Few items that appear to be close to how Instagram views your account are:

The likes you get for your post, not just the numbers, but the ratio per view. For example, if 1,000 people look at your video and 1,000 like it then it’s calculated as the good ratio for that post, and its viewed as good content. If you get just 10 likes for 1000 views then the ratio is bad. To avoid making such video content which will not give you many likes.

Monitor your videos for the comments as well. The better it is if more people comment to your videos. If you get more feedback and more participation, your channel will always get more views/likes.

The number of shares for the videos also make the difference. So always ask your followers to share if they like your videos. This will help to gain more views/likes as Instagram will know that you have something interesting to watch for as the number of people is sharing your videos.

The number of followers also plays a major game. So do some research and make valuable content for your channel so that you can increase your followers. Convert your followers into viewers make them notice your videos through your stories. write about your videos in your post captions. Share your best videos with them personally and ask for input on the video you post. Just do your best to make your followers want to see more of your video.

It has its own way of being and, above all, through effort, dedication, and determination, you can achieve more views on IGTV. It’s all about knowing how to begin and how to do stuff to produce the best results. For brands to reach out to their followers IGTV is getting extremely helpful. So keep trying and all the best.

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