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Top Facebook Ads Manager new releases & updates you can’t miss (July 2020 Edition)

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Staying up-to-date with Facebook Ads Manager about the latest few new releases. Let’s dive into each and take a closer look.

More Call-to-Action Buttons Available With Placement Customization.
You can now customize your placements when using the Call Now, Get Directions and Get Offer buttons on your ad. Use the media-editing option on the ad level to edit your placements.

Political Ads now part of Special Ads Category
The category “Ads about social issues, elections or politics” is now part of the “Special Ad Category” instead of a separate checkbox. You can select this option from the Special Ad Category menu, which also includes ads about credit, housing and employment.

Ad Preview Has Changed
We are aiming to have a better performant ad preview on mobile ads interfaces. This project is part of an implementation unification across the BizApp, Ads Manager app, and LWI.

Custom Metrics Are Now Available in Ads Manager
You can now create, edit, and view custom metrics within the Customize Columns menu in Ads Manager. Custom metrics allow you to use your own formula to analyze performance. Previously, custom metrics were only accessible in Ads Reporting. Now, they’re accessible in both Ads Reporting and Ads Manager.

Add Emojis to Description Text
Now you can add emojis to your description text directly in Ads Manager, instead of copying and pasting them in. This makes it easier to create fun, engaging ad content for your audience.

Placement Customization Available With WhatsApp Destination
When using traffic, messages, or conversion objectives, you can select WhatsApp as the destination on the ad set level. This feature is now compatible with placement customization. Use the media-editing option on the ad level to customize your placements.

Multiple Text Options Available With Placement Customization
Add multiple options for your primary text and headline when customizing some placements. Each person will see the option that’s most likely to resonate with them.

New Shopping Custom Audience
Now you can create a new Custom Audience to reach people who interacted with your Facebook or Instagram shop. To use this audience, create a new Custom Audience and select Shopping. This is another way you can remarket to customers who are interested in your business.

Save Campaign Bid Strategy Changes to Draft
When you need to change the bid strategy of an active campaign that has a campaign budget, you can now make the update, save it to draft and then publish it with other changes to your campaign.

Placement Customization Available With Instant Experience
When you add an instant experience to your ad, you can now use placement customization. Use the edit option in the media section to change how your ad appears in different placements.

A/B Tests Can Result in Ties
Now when you run an A/B test with no clear winner, your report will convey that information in the test results summary.

Create Instagram Stories Ads From Templates
Choose from a variety of templates to create Instagram Stories ads from images of any shape. You can change the text, colors, media and more to add visual appeal to your ad. To start, select Instagram Stories under Placements. Then select the option to edit your placement.

Improvements Added to Automatic Thumbnails
The video editor’s automatic thumbnail option has been improved. Now when you have automatic thumbnails on, different people can be shown different thumbnails based on their likelihood to respond. Automatic thumbnails also may apply minor enhancements, such as adjustments to hue, saturation, and sharpness, in order to optimize the experience on different devices.

Update Error Messages That Link to Authorizations Tab
To run political ads, you need to go to the “Authorization” tab from your Page. To make this more intuitive, we have changed the tab name to “Issue, Electoral or Political Ads.” We are now updating error messages in Ads Manager so they will direct everyone to the right place.

Optimized Number of Carousel Cards in Instagram Stories
When you create a carousel ad using only the Instagram Stories placement, the number of cards shown before the option to expand now varies to optimize for performance. Alternatively, you can choose to show a fixed number of cards. Doing so may increase your cost per result. To show a fixed number of cards, select that checkbox when editing the creative.

Add Entry Point of Validation View in Column Preset Dropdown Menu
This change will help advertisers understand validation view is actually column preset and they are able to customized columns in validation view

Campaign Name Template
When you create or edit a campaign, ad set or ad, now you can select Create Name Template. This will let you set up a faster way to name your items.

New Templates with Stock Images
When you make a video ad with the Video Creation Kit, now you can use templates with stock images. To get started, select Create Video in the Media section of Ads Manager. You’ll see the new templates at the top of the preview pane unless you add your own images. The templates make it fast and easy to highlight offers like gift card sales, contactless delivery and curbside pickup, with more soon to come.

Customize Your Carousel for Different Placements
Placement customization is now available for the carousel format. Once you upload your media, you can edit the creative for different placements.

Checkout to Instagram Ads
Now if your Instagram account uses checkout, you can create ads that allow people to purchase items on Instagram. To create an Instagram ad with checkout, first select Use an Existing Post, then choose an Instagram post that uses product tags, and finally turn on the Checkout option.

Use Existing Instagram Posts for App Installs
Now when you create app installs campaign, you can select Use an Existing Post and select an Instagram or branded content post. This allows you to quickly create ads that can get more people to install your app, optimize for app events or attract your highest-value customers.

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