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Instagram Ads

Why You Should Advertise on Instagram

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Though Instagram was slow to release advertising opportunities to everybody, today you can run advertising on Instagram as long as you have a business profile. An older blog post explains why: “Our aim is to make any advertisements you see feel as natural to Instagram as photos and videos many of you already enjoy from your favorite brands.” native-looking ads tend to perform best on the platform.

Instagram Data:

  • 25 Million+ business profiles worldwide.
  • 2 Million+ advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results.
  • 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram.
  • 200 Million+ Instagrammers visit at least one Business Profile daily.
  • 80% Increase in time spent watching video on Instagram.
  • 1/3 of the most viewed stories are from businesses.

How does Instagram advertising work?
Instagram uses a strong Facebook’s powerful advertising system, which helps for targeting your audience by interests, location, past interactions and more. Once you’ve have set up the ad to target your audience, they will see your ads appear as they click through their feeds. Ads will appear just like regular Instagram posts (except ads have calls to action) as photos, carousels or videos, which helps to be placed on a user’s feed without disturbance.

Advertisers now have 5 ad options:
Photo ads – your standard Instagram post format
Video ads – the same as above, but with a video in place of a photo
Carousel ads – a slideshow ad, which allows for multiple images
Stories ads – these are Instagram’s version of Snapchat ads seen at the top of the feed
Collection ads – a catalog ad that takes users through your product offerings

Why You Should Invest in Instagram Ads:
According to Instagram, 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram and 20% visit an Insta business profile every day. In fact, 33% of Instagram’s most popular stories are shared by brand pages & others. Similar to Facebook ads, spending money behind a post would give your brand more visibility and more power over who can see your post.

The fact that Instagram uses demographic data from Facebook to serve ads to the appropriate users is what marketers should really look out for. This makes the tool especially useful for niche marketers because Facebook already has a decent history and extensive demographic targeting options.

You will find out how similar businesses succeed in advertising if you need to be more persuasive on Instagram’s success stories page, where you can filter by industry, goal, product, region, and business size.

The model is based on cost per impressions(CPM). Although Instagram ads on average have much higher engagement than Facebook ads. Instagram ads are priced slightly higher than Facebook ads.  Since the ads are so highly targeted you could end up paying as high as Rs 350 a CPM.

Instagram Business Profiles Can Track Performance with Instagram Insights

Taking on your Instagram marketing efforts with a better understanding of what’s working (and what isn’t) will help you come up with a fine-tuned strategy, saving you lots of time and effort. Instagram business profiles also give you access to Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, Instagram Insights, which provides detailed information about who your followers are, when they’re most active, and more.

Some of the most common performance metrics you can use for measuring the impact of your Instagram marketing efforts include:

  • Engagement rate: likes, comments, shares
  • Brand sentiment: how people are talking about your brand
  • Traffic: customers visiting your website
  • Sales: conversions and revenues generated

Having a clear view of your analytics will help you measure the impact of your Instagram strategy to see if there’s something you need to do differently.


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