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YouTube’s major privacy upheaval on kids video content

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YouTube will start placing a text below “made for Kids” videos that will direct audiences to YouTube Kids, an app designed for children, in addition to the restrictions on videos. The reach of the web is much smaller than the main service on YouTube.

After settlement with federal and state regulators, the video service makes several changes. A change that could dent revenue for the Google video giant and thousands of its Youtube video creators, YouTube upgrade its systems from 7 January 2020 to comply with a landmark privacy decision.

Google settled with federal regulators for violating laws on data collection from minors in September, and YouTube agreed to a number of changes. Videos designed as “made for kids” would be stripped of targeted ads that get higher prices, as well as other useful features such as user comments and live chats.

The Federal Trade Commission, which fined Google on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, has issued broad guidelines on what it sees as child-directed video, including clips with popular animation and kids playing with toys. Individual video makers are going to face fines for violating COPPA, which has caused panic.

“YouTube now treats personal information from anyone watching the content of children on the platform as coming from a child irrespective of the user’s age,” the company wrote in a Monday blog post.

YouTube said it had also turned off or limited some features on children’s videos tied to personal information. These include comments and live-chat features, as well as the ability to save videos to a playlist.

YouTube will no longer display ads on children’s videos targeting viewers based on their web browsing or other data on online activity. Instead, the company said, it can now display ads based on what people see.

For months, these changes were planned, but their effect is still unknown. Google has warned that some Youtube video creators can lose their ad sales. Google hasn’t shared their sales or how much of their massive catalog comes from “made for kids” videos.

“We’re committed to helping creators navigate this new landscape and support our family content ecosystem,” YouTube said. “We’ll share more in the coming months.”

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