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12 Blog Post Ideas to Construct Your 2021 Content Calendar

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Most businesses recognise the need for a business blog but struggle with curating topics that are both relevant and engaging to their audience. I will share 12 ideas from the blog post below to help inspire creativity.

1. How-to Sharing
Let’s begin the list by discussing how-to” most popular form of blog post

Write a series of blog posts detailing a step-by-step method for addressing common problems you see every day facing customers. A whole new audience of people who have similar questions, but are turning to Google for their response, is likely to occur.

By finding your blog post through their search queries your company grows brand awareness and thought leadership.

2. Product Checks
A perfect way to create your company blog page for organisations is by reviewing products, whether they are their own or those in the industry. Brands can create trust and help readers select the best product based on expert advice by sharing diverse opinions.

3. Case studies
Case studies are a perfect way to illustrate how a client’s problem has been overcome by your brand, products, or services. This serves as a real-world example of how companies will profit from partnering with your company from beginning to end by walking through your easy process.

4. Updates for Product/Services
A big part of a blog for an organisation is to inform clients about innovative services, solutions, and ways to use technology (Example: product updates or features).
Following will merely summarise:
– Writeup for the upgrade of the product.
– What issues can the update be able to resolve their problems?
– The advantage of the end-user for using those new products.
– The simple and reliable steps end-user take to achieve their goals.

5. Survey on Industry concerns
If you had the opportunity, what questions would you ask your clients or industry peers? The responses would probably make for a compelling blog post or even a number of posts. Take this content survey produced by a reliable industry source.

Example: A survey on IT group members were polled by the organisation to see how their organisations manage areas such as data protection and hybrid support.
On basis of this build blog posts, infographics, and videos, show the entire life cycle of the company. write on how they frame the policy for data protection & hyrid support.

6. Current Trends & Innovations
Every industry is evolving constantly with some of the other trends & innovations. Using a business blog to share this information with your readers while you keep up to date on the latest trends. This may serve as an opinion piece on the gains made or simply describe how the industry’s future will be impacted by these recent trends & innovations in a specific industry.

7. Industry Myths
Every industry has “myths” that are widespread that must be debunked. Take a second to think about what people have biases that deter them from using your type of goods or services. Write a blog post then, making a clear argument as to whether they were either misinformed or should be reconsidered.

8. Video Blog
Consider adding video blog posts to your thought-leadership page if writing long-form content isn’t your cup of tea. In fact, by watching a video, 72 percent of clients actually prefer to learn about products or services rather than reading text-based content. So shoot a professional video explaining the details of the product or your services. You can also shoot an innovative business/service you are into or you can brief them with some innovative thoughts.

Every day you are likely to have interactions with your clients that can be easily converted into video. Heck, some of the blog post concepts listed in this post by our IT marketing company can be repurposed as video material.

9. Trade Show
Blog on your website is a perfect place to have a writeup for lessons gained from these activities like attending an event or webinar. If you or your team members attend a tech conference, trade show, or webinar you can make notes of it and do a blog on it. For those in the industry, not only can this be a valuable resource, but the blog recap can be useful for anyone who was unable to participate.

10. Pro Lists and Con Lists
It may be useful to assess the pros and cons of whether such goods or services should be considered by clients.
Helpful blog post topics for the community for the pro and con of any product or services

Eg: The Pros & Con’s of Machine Learning.

11. Customers Testimonials
Your business is likely to have a range of consumer feedback featured on your website. Why is this featured material not repurposed into a blog post? Not only can it help illustrate a success story but also it can be accepted as a trust factor for your product or services to those who read them.

12. Top 10 List
Did you know, Top 10 list always has more readability than anything else?  Use this to your advantage by writing on Top 10 Product or Top 10 advantages, Or Top 10 mistakes one should not do in the business. Do some research and write about any top 10 things relating to your business that may help others.

I have given you plenty of ideas so what are you waiting for?
This is one Christmas we’ll remember due to the influenza pandemic! So use your time and list out your blog with 12 blog content ideas, you’ve got one for each month of the year, another fall, another turned page Merry Christmas in advance.


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