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10 effective ways to increase views on YouTube

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You have some intense competition if the target of your video is to rack up YouTube views. As we always tell our clients, that every video fights for the attention of the viewers against the best videos.

If you can use a convincing video to target your audience, there is a far better possibility that they will visit your website to learn more about your product or services. But first, you have to emotionally reel people in, make them laugh, make them cry, or make them think in a different and fascinating way about something. Your content should be strong to let them view your video.

What’s the first step to attracting people? It has to be seen in your video! YouTube is a perfect way to be searched, as the world’s second-largest search engine (right after Google). We have found that it’s always good content that attracts users to view any videos. The video content should be such that it should have some message some take away for viewer.

Here are 9 ways to increase your organization’s YouTube video views without investing additional money on digital advertising:

1. On your YouTube channel, feature it.
Make sure your video features the featured video on the front page right after you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube. People looking at the YouTube page of your company should see your most recent video. It makes the company look up-to-date, current, and important, and positions the video at the center of the attention of the YouTube customer.

2. Choose a decent thumbnail image. thumbnail image
It’s probably not going to be very interesting if you allow YouTube to select your thumbnail automatically. Use the screenshot function on your device to capture an emotionally convincing image from your video edit in photoshop or any other editing tool add some fun or attractive part to it and then upload it to your video. So basically when someone sees your thumbnail they get attracted to view the video.

3. Make it short and interesting for your title.
Your video title does not necessarily represent your video. Make the viewer-centric for your title, and think about what makes you want to click a video. (Upworthy headlines are a good source of inspiration.) And try to keep it brief. For click-throughs, a shorter title that does not get cut off is better.

4. Write a good summary of the video.
In your video description, instead of explaining what’s happening in the video, consider telling viewers a story. Be entertaining, and note that it is not the place to reach messaging points in the description area. See some top videos and check their descriptions. You can give a good summary of the video in your description which might help them to understand your video better. You can give reference links if there are any references.

5. Upload an English and Spanish transcript of your video.
Transcripts alert YouTube to what keywords are present in your video and greatly increase the chance that you will be identified by your audience via YouTube search. Spanish is spoken by about 38 million people in the United States. Your video will start to appear in YouTube searches in English and Spanish by uploading transcripts of your video in both languages.

6. Post frequently and early.
People might not click on links that are shared on the social media pages of an organisation regularly. Make sure that for at least a month you continue to update your video daily, or at least post regularly and share it on various social media platforms, and keep your posts fresh by changing the headlines and photos you display. By growing exposure to new social media platforms, would significantly include an addition to a new audience.

7. Take advantage of YouTube’s annotations.
It’s crazy but many people don’t know about video annotations. Annotations should show up in your video for at least 30 seconds and right before the end of the video and should have a link where individuals can take action. And don’t forget to check your links to make sure that they are going to the right URL you want to redirect them to.

8. Select good tags for SEO.
Check what your competitors are using which tags. Do proper research and choose appropriate SEO tags. Think about what your customers are looking for and make sure your video tags contain those keywords. Bear in mind that what individuals are looking for is not always an accurate video summary. So keywords are very much important for your videos to get them to search on google.

9. On your website, add a lightbox or pop-up.
A video is a perfect way, regardless of why or how people come to your website, to let individuals know more about your company. If you don’t have a lightbox, make sure that somewhere on your site’s homepage your video is featured. Negotiate ahead of time on website positioning. You deserve to highlight your video. It’s a new material and it would love by your fans & followers. You will significantly increase the number of individuals who watch your video and want to connect with your company by taking a few small steps, without wasting extra money on digital ads.

10. Encourage viewers to like and subscribe to your videos
Did you ever hear the saying “Your old customers are your best new customers”? In other words, keeping clients can be a powerful way for your company to expand. Ok for YouTube views, the same holds true. This is why one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube is to ask your current followers to subscribe. so the number of views on each new video you release will increase as you increase your subscribe base. How do you get viewers to subscribe? The best way is to simply ask at the beginning and end of each video to like and subscribe to your videos. This is like a call to action for your viewers so if they like your videos they will subscribe to your channel and that will help to increase your views.

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