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PUBG Mobile to get a new game mode with further updates and also now will get a library map

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PUBG Mobile has reached two years of its existence, and can be attributed to transform the mobile game market in the very long time it has had. Gaming level playing is now open to everyone on their phones and there is some sort of new content for players to experience every passing month.The 2nd year celebrations are already ongoing with a new introduction to the theme park, but developers seem to be planning for the next big update soon in the immediate future.

PUBG MOBILE’s Chinese version has just got a new update for its beta players and it seems that for the first time, PUBG MOBILE will be having an indoor map. The map is called Library, and the map will bring along a new gameplay mode, according to the famous PUBG MOBILE tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming. The map will have multiple levels for players to exploit, which greatly help the new gameplay mode in a big way.

Speaking of the latest gameplay mode, players would be able to compete against another team. The game must have players go through all the ammunitions in the game in order to battle each other. Every weapon can be upgraded and used to eliminate competing team members. If the better weapons are used, players are left with the pistols and shotguns to battle out the remaining final round fight. The final last round will be played with a frying pan to let the remaining player win.


Currently the beta edition has reached just for the Chinese PUBG Smartphone, it could be a while before the game updated version will be available for the global market. That said, it seems that the library map is inspired by smartphone maps of Call Of Duty that allows players to experience another kind of battle form in the game.

The second anniversary of PUBG MOBILE is currently celebrated and, to make the game is giving more rewards to players. The Erangel map now has a new amusement park where players can play with their team and earn some in-game rewards with the in-game video games. As some of them focus on earning the rewards, others will watch for the enemies that close the players and taking out the players. With a special ejection mechanism in the middle of the park, the players can escape from the the location.

It seems like a fun game mode especially if you want to get familiar with all the guns on PUBG Mobile. But I personally believe that Tencent needs to fix the numerous bugs and issues that have been prevalent for the longest time.

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