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What is Google AMP? How Does it Work

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What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? Yes Friends, lets find the entire facts about Google AMP. However, Google introduced it only in 2016. But nevertheless many new bloggers are ignorant of this, so we can strive to give you complete information about Google AMP in this post. If you don’t know much about it, then read this Article till the end.

You would possibly realize that nowadays greater than 60% of on line searches are carried out with mobile devices. Earlier mobile had very less functionality and pc/laptop had greater features, so people use to do their work only from pc/laptop. But in the previous few years, companies together with Google Android and Apple have added many changes in their mobile operating systems. So now scenario has change and people have started using more mobile phones and less PC & Laptops to do their basic things. As most of their basic works can easily be done via thier Mobile phones. If we say in simple words, the people who used to use the computer to do these tasks earlier, today they can do it even with mobile. Earlier people used to go to office with computer / laptop but now most people only carry their phone.

Today Over 80% of users uses their mobile phones to browse internet. In view of these, Google is taking extra care for mobile user than the computer users in the present date. So in recent couple of years Google has launched various new features for mobile device. Some time back Google introduced Mobile-First Index and after that Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Febuary 2016. This is a system through which we can load our website pages quickly.

You are aware that Google is giving more attention to mobile users. You are all aware that people in our country continue to be frustrated by slow internet connections. According to Google, slow internet connections continue to irritate more than 40% of their users. Keeping all of this in mind, Google and Twitter have collaborated on a new project.

Google has made it clear that site loading speed is important to Google and its a imporatant ranking factor for any website. If a site takes less than 3-4 seconds to load, it is consider to be better, but if the site or webpage takes more then 5 seconds or more to load, Google does not like it. If your site’s loading speed is extremely slow, I strongly advise you to use AMP. This can increase your site’s loading speed by up to 85%. Google Amp remove unnecessary script and content from your website to improve content visibility.

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?
AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, is a framework that allows a website or webpage to load quickly. The AMP plugin was created by Google and Twitter, according to our research. The only reason Google created AMP was to speed up the loading of mobile pages. Visit the open source initiative platform to learn more.

When AMP is enabled on a webpage, it removes unnecessary content and scripts to allow the page to load quickly. HTML, Javascript, and CSS code are also minified.

When you enable AMP in your blog, the real theme of your blog will remain the same, but the amp version will have a different type of simple design theme. Before using it, keep in mind that only low-quality scripts are used in AMP in order for it to load quickly. The use of javascript is minimal in this case. You cannot use any stylish javascript widget in this case (ex. popup subscribe box widget). Apart from that, only low-quality CSS will be able to use it.

Why should Use Accelerated Mobile Pages?
If you read the above content properly then you must have understand what AMP is for and why it should be used. Do let us know if you do not understand.

As previously stated, the main reason for Google to launch AMP was to provide instant results to its users by quickly loading the webpage. This clearly demonstrates the importance of AMP for those whose blog has a slow loading speed. If your site loads in less than two seconds, amp is unimportant to you. However, if you still want to use it, it will be fine. If your site takes more than two seconds to load, one should use AMP.

The main advantage of using AMP is that the site loads quickly. The site is now completely mobile friendly and optimised for Mobile-First Index. Pages with amp in Google SERPs rank well. If you conduct regular Google searches, you will notice that sites with the amp are indexed in high positions in the search results pages. The amp icon appears below the site that has an amp in the Google SERP. This increases the likelihood of clicking on it. It also includes schema markup, meta tags, and numerous SEO optimizations. This allows Google to properly understand your content and increases your chances of appearing in Google featured posts.

How Does Google AMP Function?
How can we use Google AMP to speed up a website? Or, more specifically, how does AMP work? Many people want to know the answer. So, to summarise, AMP works with AMP HTML, the AMP JS library, and the Google AMP Cache.

All of the best performing tags and elements are included in the AMP JavaScript (JS) library. Which are quickly loaded, and some custom js have also been used in amp javascript. In AMP HTML, tags of varying types are created. As we will explain further below…

Normal tag: <img>
AMP tag: <amp-img>

Normal tag: <anim>
AMP tag: <amp-anim>

Normal Tag: <video>
AMP Tag: <amp-video>

When AMP is enabled on a site, the content of its webpages is saved in the Google AMP cache file. When a user visits the amp version of a website, the data stored in Google amp cache is displayed.

Google only changes the content on your site to use AMP by designing it in its own unique way. With this, whenever a visitor visits your site, data will be loaded into Google cache, However, traffic will arrive at your website.

How to Determine Whether a Website Supports AMP?
It is very easy to find amp when it is enabled in a site. If you don’t know, I’ll show you a simple trick that will allow you to see the amp version of any website.

The simplest method is to add / amp to the end of the URL of the webpage or site. For example,

Is AMP a Google Ranking Factor?
The answer in this one word is that NO AMP search engine is not part of the ranking factor. Google man John Mueller has said that amp is not the ranking factor of google. He said that using the AMP will help increase the mobile ranking signal but it is not a part of the search ranking factor.

The question of some people will also be that when searching from mobile, why do the amp pages come on the top of the 1st page? So the answer is clear that using the amp increases the mobile ranking signal and due to this, the mobile is indexed at the top position.

How does a WordPress user activate AMP?
Finally, we must learn how to enable AMP in WordPress. It is very simple to use amp in WordPress. You must use the plugin for this.

You cannot enable amp manually in WordPress, but you can easily do so with a plugin. You can do this by visiting the official AMP plugin page. This plugin is also very simple to install.

You should now have a thorough understanding of AMP. After reading this post, I hope you enjoy it. If you liked the post, share it with friends.

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